Sunday, July 3, 2011

No Mind ! Never Mind !

यदा  न  लीयते  चित्तं  न  च  विक्षिप्यते  पुनः  |
अनिगनमानभासं  निष्पन्नं  ब्रह्मतत्तदा  || ( माण्डुक्य  कारिका -अद्वैत  प्रकरण -४६ )
When the mind is not lost in trance and not distracted in desire agitations again, is motionless and does not raise apparitions of thought, it verily becomes that Brahman.  (Mandukya Karika-Advaita Prakarna-46)

यथा दीपो निवातस्थो नेङ्गते सोपमा स्मृता |
योगिनो यतचित्तस्य युञ्जथो योगमात्मनः  || (भगवद गीता : ६ :१९ )

Just as a lamp placed in a windless place does not flicker” is a simile used to describe the Yogi of controlled mind, practicing yoga in the Self (absorbed in the Self with a steady mind). (Bhagavad Gita: 6:19)

“In short, man minus mind is God; God plus mind is man. Mind exists only in ashanti. Where there is shanti there is Godhood.  When the desire- agitations, thought vibrations and disquietude created by the endless chain of appearances that rise from the heap of ignorance in us, have ended, there can be no ashanti.  Where, thus, the mind is indeed no more a mind – when a man is bereft of his mind thus, that man experiences, then, the Selfhood.” Swami Chinmayananda (commentary on Mandukya Karika)

“A disturbed soul is a mind; a quiet mind is a soul. The ‘darshan’ of your soul happens only in the moments of total silence of your mind. In the total quietening of your mind you come face-to-face with the Truth. That quiet undivided mind reaches, merges, becomes one with the soul.” Master Nirguna Akshara (Hanuman the hero in you)

“So long as you do not kill the harmful and illusory association, the prostituting mind, there will be neither bliss nor good conduct. Only when the mind dies through discriminating enquiry, will it come to shine by itself as “Shivoham”-(I am Shiva).” Bhagawan Shri Ramana Maharishi (Padamalai- 458 & 704)

On a lighter note ..
“Mind it!” (Acharya Vasudha- about the mind)

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