Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gratitude to the Guru

नमस्तस्मै सदैकस्मै कस्मैचिन्महस्मै नमः |
यदेत द्विश्वरुपेन राजते गुरुराजते ||

"Salutations to you O Prince among Teachers, who are indefinable greatness, who are ever the same, who manifest as this entire universe. To you my salutations."

That one infinite Reality which is the same everywhere, which has come in the form of the Guru, to that my 'namaskaras'. O teacher, who revel in the form of the Vishvarupa, my prostrations. These are words of adoration, expressions of a students' gratitude to the Teacher who has initiated her into the science of Reality.

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